Expert FAQ's


1. How much will I earn for answering questions?

You will earn a fix price (depending upon difficulty level of question) for each answer accepted. The amount you have earned will be shown in your local currency.

2. When can I withdraw my earnings?

The system will automatically withdraw your earnings once a week if the earnings are more than the minimum threshold set.

3. What are the payment methods that I can use to withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your money through PayPal or Wire transfer.

4. Are there any transaction fees to withdraw my earnings?

No. There are no transaction procession fee or transfer fees to withdraw your earnings.

Become an Expert

5. How can I apply to become an expert on

You can become an expert on by signing up and filling an expert application form.

6. When will I become an expert and be able to answer questions?

If your application is considered further, your probation will start during which you will be able to answer questions. You will become an expert as soon as your 5 answers are accepted.
You will be given a score based on the number of questions you get right. This score will be visible on your dashboard. Please note that your account will be terminated in probation period
only when your score becomes less than 55% and your question Attempt limit reaches 9

7. When do I start earning money?

You can start earning as soon as your 5 answers are accepted. The answers during your probation will not be considered for earning purposes.

Working as Expert

8. How do I know when a new question is posted?

You will receive an email for every new question posted. You can access questions from your email and also from your expert account.

9. Where can I find the questions to answer?

You can click the questions button on your dashboard to access all the posted questions. To answer a question you have to click the question and then click on the lock and answer button.

10. How many questions can I lock to answer at a time?

You will be able to lock one question at a time. When you have locked a question you cannot answer any other question until you answer the locked question first.

11. What is the maximum time allowed to answer a question?

You have to answer a question within 4 hours after you lock a question. After that, the question will no longer visible to you and you will not be able to answer that question.

12. When will my answer be accepted?

When you submit an answer it will be under review by quality assurance teams. Some of your answers might get rejected if certain quality checks are not met. You will not be paid for answers that were rejected.

13. What are the requirements for an answer to get accepted?

Your answer will be accepted if it is detailed, well explained and has no plagiarism. Moreover, your answer should be completed as per the requirements and correct in all respects.

Account Restriction

14. Why my expert account is restricted?

If your 5 answers are rejected your expert account will be restricted for 10 days. You will not be able to answer the questions while your account is restricted.

15. When an account restriction is applied?

Your account might face restriction due to the following reasons:

  • Operating multiple accounts
  • Plagiarized answers
  • Copying material or answers
  • Multiple answers rejected
  • Using promotional material
  • Spamming
  • Other reasons

16. How can I avoid account restriction?

The goal of this code is to make communication system as safe and professional as possible. It is important, as an Expert that you know and follows your obligations, while using the platform, so that you can succeed and thrive on the platform.

Note: Experts on are expected to comply with all Terms of Service and Code of Honor. The failure to comply with Terms of Service or Code of Honor can result in account suspension and penalty fees.