Withdraw Payment Policy

1. When do I receive my payment?

Requests for withdrawal payments are processed every Tuesday. If you have a PayPal account, the amount will be transferred immediately. If you have opted for Wire Transfer, it may take 3 to 5 working days.

2. What is payment threshold?

Before you initiate a withdrawal request, a payment threshold must be set. This threshold is the minimum amount of earnings you must reach before the initiation of withdrawal requests. If your earnings are below your payment threshold, a withdrawal request will not be initiated and processed, and you will not receive your earnings up until that point. You may set your payment threshold here

3. How many withdrawal payment methods can I add?

Multiple withdrawal payment methods may be added. You will have to set one method as your Primary account. All withdrawal payments will be automatically transferred to your Primary account. Please note that the withdrawal payment methods you add cannot be added under any other account on HelloExperts.

4. Why is my Payment Status showing as “Needs Verification”?

When your withdrawal payment account information needs to be updated, your Payment Status will automatically change to “Needs Verification”. You will have to recheck your PayPal email or your bank account information to ensure both are correctly inputted.

5. What can I do to get rid of the “Needs Verification” notification?

You can update your withdrawal payment method by going to My Withdraw Payment Source under Withdraw Payments. By clicking on “Needs Verification”, you can edit your account information. Once you do, your status will change to “Active” once more.

6. I have updated my withdrawal payment account information but have not received my payment yet.

Requests for withdrawal payments are processed every Tuesday. You will have to wait till the next billing cycle, i.e., Tuesday, for your payment to be released.

7. I have updated my PayPal email, but it is still showing me an error.

Please reach out to PayPal to clarify whether your account is active.

8. How will I know if my payment has been released?

If your payment has been released, it will show in your Withdraw History. It can be accessed by going to your settings > Withdraw Payment > My Withdraw History.