Answer Submission Guideline

Hello Experts, our team is very happy to welcome you as a candidate to become a Subject Expert for our answering portal! Being an Expert on will give you the ability to work directly with our student users, who will post questions that are giving them trouble. Students post questions every single day and you will be able to help them by providing detailed answers with clear and step-by-step explanations. Our team is committed to ensuring all students receive the best quality answers with help from Subject Experts like you. Our In-house team reviews the quality of your answers, ensuring that they are relevant, well-explained and easy to understand for students.

Our Code of Honor

HelloExperts has a strict code of honor which instills the best practices possible in our Experts. We ensure that students receive quality help from experts and that the help is free from academic misconduct of any kind. If a student posts a question that is an assignment or an online exam, the experts are advised to strictly adhere to this code of integrity and avoid getting involved in any form of academic dishonesty.

Basic Answering Guide

Experts can see posted questions on their expert dashboards. The questions may have different prices based on the varying question type. The expert can see and select the question they wish to complete and then view the requirements. After carefully reviewing the requirements of a question, the expert can either leave the question or lock the question to post an answer to it. When a question is locked by an expert, that question cannot be seen by other experts any longer.

Answer Writing Styles

Once you have selected and locked a question, you can answer the question in one of three styles.

  • 1. Typed Answers:

    Typed answers are always preferred. Experts should always go for a typed answer which is well-formatted, unless for some reason a question’s answer can be better explained with handwritten sketches or diagrams.

  • 2. Hand-written Answers:

    Experts are allowed to produce an answer on a paper with a legible handwriting and then take a clear picture of the answer and then upload it in the answer space provided. Remember, blurred images or images with illegible contents will not be accepted as answers.

  • 3. Typed Answers with supporting images:

    Experts are encouraged to use this style when the question requires an explanation with additional graphs or process flow diagrams. Even if a question does not necessarily require additional images to explain experts are still encouraged to use this style for better understanding from the students.

Best Practices to adopt

  • 1. Read and answer the requirements carefully:

    You should focus on the requirements of the questions and read them carefully. The HelloExperts team has the right to revoke an answer if it is not relevant to the question’s requirements, do not merely post general statements tied to the topic.

  • 2. Answers should be well explained:

    Your answers should not be too short or brief, but rather they should be as detailed as possible. Currently there is no word count for an answer and the answer will be accepted or rejected based on the question type. You should choose appropriate answer style and format to make it easily understood by students.

  • 3. Respond to all requirements:

    Experts are advised to respond to all the requirements of the questions, if the question has multiple parts you must addresses each part in your answer. Partial answers will not be accepted.

Actions to Strictly Avoid

Opposed to the best practices, some actions are totally prohibited for Experts while answering questions. Some of these actions are described below but are NOT limited to the following:

  • 1. Plagiarism:

    Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s work and representing it as your own in any way. Our team will review answers and no credit will be given to answers with partial or fully plagiarized answers.

  • 2. Copying answers from other sources:

    Experts answers that are fully or partially copied from other sources will be rejected, your work should be your own.

  • 3. Incorporating non-original images:

    Answers incorporating any non- original graphical and supporting content that is either taken from search engines, screenshots of diagrams from books, etc, will not be accepted, supporting graphics must be fair use or your original work.

  • 4. Incomplete answers:

    If the question is not fully answered do not submit your response until it is fully answered. Once an incomplete answer is submitted it cannot be adjusted and will not be accepted.

  • 5. Generalized answers:

    Experts should answer each question requirements specifically.

Actions that lead to account suspension / termination

  • 1. Answers partially or copied from online help websites.

  • 2. Requesting or sharing personal information or help outside of

  • 3. An expert account with 55% answer rejection in probation.

Note: If experts are found to be abusing answering privileges for any reason, we reserve the right to deactivate/close such accounts immediately and review all previous work for payment validation.